Trophy Awards

Trophy & Awards

We specialise in creating precision crafted awards for any event or occasion. From birthdays, anniversaries & sports competitions to corporate events & industry awards.

Call us at 09 377 5705 or visit our trophy shop.

Glazed pottery gift
22t - Glazed pottery fronds, perfect for a natural New Zealand feeling award or trophy.
Green growth koru
23t - Swirl trophy. Green glazed koru on a solid aluminium base.
Natual wood trophy
24t - Hand crafted & polished macrocarpa with a paua symbol that represents bonding & friendship.

Brass star with koru
25t - We work with a range of materials to create your awards and trophies. Acrylic, granite and brass shown here.
Quartz stone on rimu
26t - Precious stone mounted on rimu. A nice award/trophy for the mantle piece.
Cyrstal teamwork trophy
27t - We have a large selection of crystal awards and trophies. Any text and images can be laser engraved onto crystal.

Acrylic designs
28t - Blue acrylic kiwi and a diamond peaked award.
Cystal tower
29t - Optical crystal tower on a solid wood base.
Star acrylic award
30t - Engraved acrylic trophy with a polished silver star. A tidy design great for the desk.
New Zealand pottery trophy
31t - Ornaments make great gifts for going away presents or just to say thanks.
Pottery whale tail
32t - NZ trophy design - Whale tail ceramic mounted on acrylic with a title plate.
Artglass koru

33t - Art glass make great awards or trophies to recognise achievement or thanks.

Custom ski trophy
34t - Mountain trophy. Acrylic top personalised for the event, mounted on a granite base.
Marketing trophy
35t - Tall acrylic tower trophy with a polished metal block. A Simple and stylish design.
Oscar figurines
36t - We have various marble and copper figurines available.

Rimu trophy
37t - Laser engraved rimu gives a very attractive finish. Logos and images can also be included.
Crystal with laser engraving
38t - Optical crystal award, laser engraved with a silver title plate.
Green block - laser engraved

39t - Creative laser engraving can make a simple award or trophy stand out.

Small circle trophy
40t - A combination of laser engraving and shaped acrylic combine to achieve the desired look.
Acrylic fern trophy
41t - Acrylic korus are great alternatives to standard trophies and awards.
Frond with clear acrylic
42t - Acrylic korus come in different shapes and sizes. The surface can be laser engraved with any text and images.

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