Bespoke plaques to make your message stand out


We enjoy helping people create interesting custom plaques and have a wealth of experience. Knowing what materials will work for different designs and how a concept will actually look in real life after production.

If you have a design or brief in mind please send it through and we will work through the process with you. Alternatively browse through our other plaque sections for some ideas and inspiration.

Custom plaques are a great way to celebrate milestones, commemorate events and recognise significant contributions or achievements. As they are something that will be displayed for a long time it is worth the investment of creating something special to display your message. Having a plaque unique to your company, event or association also doubles as a great marketing or advertising tool. Something that stands out on the wall draws attention to your brand and message.

Some additional information is below about the materials and processes we can use to produce custom plaques. Although it is split into separate categories we often employ a combination of materials to achieve the final look.

Custom plaque - Acrylic

Custom acrylic plaques

Acrylic is a fantastic material to work with. It can be cut to size and shape, is available in a large range of colours and can be engraved. For corporate or modern looks this is usually the go to material.

We can cut logo shapes and include colours to match branding. Either for the whole plaque or for certain components. The honours board pictured on the left features a fabricated logo at the top which acts as a centre piece for the design. We then used components to compliment the look to add the category text and winners plates. Finally some silver ferns were added for a touch of Kiwi pride. The plaques were displayed in the company board rooms and fit in with the clean and modern setting.

The majority of the plaque is acrylic, apart from the aluminium title plates which create a nice contrast against the black. As you can see acrylic worked as a great medium to represent the brand. It also resulted in a clean modern look which will stay on the wall for years to come, honouring their top performing branches.

Visit the acrylic plaques section of the website to see some more ideas.

Custom plaque - wood

Custom wood plaques

Wood is a much warmer looking material. We often use wood as a blank slate to work from. Attaching additional pieces to the front to incorporate branding, products or artistic features.

The pictured example was a thank you gift, likely to be displayed in the home rather than office, so a warmer natural look was a good fit. We incorporated a cable into the design which acts as an interesting feature point for the design, as well as a good momento of the recipients time there. The personalised text was achieved with engraving, which blends in nicely retaining the natural finish of the wood.

The main woods we work with are Rimu and Mahogany. Both are sourced and cut in New Zealand from selectively grown forests. Rimu has a lighter finish and a medium grain. It can be made to work for modern designs by adding metal or acrylic parts. It can also be engraved so not to interfere as much with the natural beauty. Mahogany is a darker wood, it has a richer and more traditional look to it, especially when paired with gold components.

We can also incorporate metal, acrylic and coloured components into wood designs to achieve different looks. This will depend on what you are wanting to display on the plaque and the overall feel you want to create. Visit the wood plaques section for more ideas, or get in touch with our team.

Custom plaque - metal

Custom metal plaques

Metal has a good premium look to it. It is also a popular choice if you are looking to create a modern look and feel.

The pictured plaque is made from an aluminium backing. We wanted to represent the winners product on the plaque, so opted for a colour print set behind an acrylic window. Sponsor logos were engraved into the acrylic at top. Finally we added the winner’s title plate in a gold metal to provide details about their achievement.

We often combine a number of materials for metal plaques. As all metal plaques can look a bit plain. This creates an interesting design with different contrasts.

The most common metals we work with are aluminium and brass. The aluminum can be sourced in different colours such as gold, silver and bronze. Different surface finishes in brushed, matte or mirror are also possible for different looks. To add logos and other details to the plaque we can either print or engrave directly or add components to the front. When adding components it creates a nice layered look with some depth, creating a more interesting design. For a more sleek and minimal look engraving or printing will work better.

Custom red plaque