Reward your best with a premium crystal award


Crystal trophies are one of, if not the best quality awards. They have a beautiful optically clear finish and reflect light well to create shimmering and eye catching trophies. If you want to present something that looks great and valuable then crystal is an excellent choice. We get a lot of feedback from clients that people always notice crystal trophies at award ceremonies and industry events. When they are lined up on a table under lights they really stand out and winner’s will always feel special to receive one.

Our crystal trophies are popular whenever special thanks is required. Handing one of these over to a winner or recipient is always going to make them feel special and shows you really value their efforts or relationship. We often see them used for recognising business partnerships or long standing relationships. Long service awards are also a popular use for them.

We can source a wide range of crystal trophies from several suppliers. From simple and stylish designs through to intricately patterned pieces.

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What’s the difference between glass and crystal trophies?

The main difference is in the finish, crystal is more optically clear than glass. Glass is made from sand, lime and soda. Crystal is also made from sand but contains a lead component. This results in a clearer finish which is why it is popular when drinking wine, as you can see the true colour through the glass. The higher the lead content the better the finish, for example Waterford crystal can contain over 30% lead in it’s make up.

It’s use in trophies is popular due to this optically clear finish. When facets and bevels are cut into the crystal it also creates prisms and sparking effects, making an attractive and eye catching award. Complimented with good engraving you have an attractive piece that will last forever (as long as it’s not dropped onto something hard!).

The easiest way to spot the difference between glass and crystal trophies is to check the clarity (flicking the wine glass method won’t work with trophies!). Most glass does have a slight green tinge to it, glass that is clear will still have some imperfections in it’s finish if you look closely. Generally crystal trophies are also a lot thicker than glass. The majority of glass awards are 4mm – 10mm thick, while the crystal trophies are in the 20mm – 50mm range making them much heavier as well.

How are crystal trophies made?

Crystal trophies are made up of sand (silica), potash and lead. The ingredients are heated under very high temperatures to form a molten solution. The lead content that is not present in normal glass adds density to the crystal. This results in a better optical finish and is also responsible for the ringing sound when being hit on wine glasses. Some crystal trophies feature colour components, to achieve this dyes are also added to the mixture.

It is then poured into basic molds or blocks where it cools and takes it’s shape. This results in only very basic shapes, from here it must be cut, carved and polished into it’s end trophy form. Cutting is usually performed using grinding wheels and takes great skill when cutting intricate designs. After it has been cut to shape the finish is rough. It must be smoothed and polished to achieve it’s trademark crystal clear finish.