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Please use the navigation menu at the top of page to view specific plaque designs. If you are having trouble choosing you can browse the information and pictures below, click the more button to see descriptions.

How to choose a plaque?

Plaques come in a large range of options so narrowing down what will work best can take some time. The easiest method is to trust your gut and choose what you like the look of. This will often be a good way, we provide artwork proofs so you will always know what you are getting. When multiple decision makers are involved or if you are not sure what is best there is a few things that can help. Narrowing one down can be done by looking at who it is for, what it is for and where it will be displayed.

Thinking about the recipient is always a good starting point for individual plaques. At the end of the day it is them you are recognising and who will be hanging it on their wall. Giving them something they will appreciate shows you really value them. Think about what kind of style they would like, from traditional to modern, to something distinct and original. Maybe they would appreciate a New Zealand touch or something simple. We can incorporate images into our designs, so we can include nice personal touches. For plaques going to other companies something that suits their industry will be a good choice. For overseas visitors maybe a New Zealand themed design will double as a nice souvenir for them.

What it is for is another good deciding factor. For example an employee award for a company would work with a design that incorporates the company branding. A plaque for a volunteer might be better suited to a more gift looking design such as wood. Service plaques are a more traditional award so maybe a dark mahogany plaque would suit this.

The setting it will also dictate the design to some degree. If the plaque is going outside then suitable materials will be needed. If it will hang in the office then something that suits the decor and walls will be a consideration. Plaques for the home will be suited to less corporate styled designs.

We can source and create a wide range of plaques. If you are looking for something you don’t see here please contact us.

Looking for something else?

If you would like some other options, have a design in mind or would like to design a custom plaque, please contact us and we will be able to help.