Natural wood plaques for all occasions


Wood plaques are a classic design that have been around for over a thousand years.  Going back to ancient Egypt people have been preserving messages and  events by carving them into wood, some of these still survive to this day. While the techniques have evolved with modern machinery, the look and function of these plaques remains the same.

While ancient cultures used wood due to it’s soft surface and ease of carving, today it’s appeal is mostly in it’s natural finish and traditional look. Every piece of wood has it’s own unique grain, making each plaque special.

There are a range of different woods we can use, from natural through to MDF. This allows a range of designs, from deep coloured mahogany through to brighter bamboo finishes. We also paint  some plaques to achieve a black finish. The other design feature of the plaque is the edging, we can use traditional ornate edge finishes as well as more modern curved to straight cuts.

Getting your message onto the front can be done either by engraving or a title plate. Engraving is popular on natural woods as it does not interfere with the natural patterns of the wood. Metal plates are great when colours or logos are required and also add some design aesthetic to the plaque.


We can source and custom design a range of plaques. If you are looking for something specific please contact us.

Looking for something else?

If you would like some other options, have a design in mind or would like to design a custom plaque, please contact us and we will be able to help.

Why choose wood plaques?

It’s aesthetics are the main appeal of wood. With it’s natural patterns and finish it will look great on any wall. Darker woods have a rich and traditional look while lighter woods can be used for more contemporary designs.

Being a softer feel than acrylic or metal we use them often as gifts or more personal thank yous. Visiting dignitaries from overseas or departing staff are popular applications as well as contributions to organisations, clubs and associations.

Wood is very customisable, we can make plaques to any size and have a range of edge finishes we can apply, from more ornate traditional edges to modern bevels. Getting your message onto the plaque can also be done in many ways which will change the overall look and feel of the design. We can use different coloured metals as well as colour prints to create traditional through to unique eye catching designs. We can also engrave directly into wood which maintains the most of it’s natural beauty. Combinations of plates and engraving can also create really distinctive designs which will wow the recipients.

How to care for your plaque

Being an organic material wood can deteriorate and change over time. The main factor is moisture. Too much moisture and wood will begin to swell, too little moisture and it will begin to dry out and warp. Avoiding too much moisture is not difficult, obviously wood will last longer when kept inside and away from damp areas like the bathroom or shower. We do seal our wood plaques to prevent moisture entering the grains but this can wear down over the years. You can apply some light wood oil to the plaque to restore the seal or some household cleaners contain waxes which will offer some protection. These will always bring out the grains and patterns in the wood. Too little moisture results from the wood drying out. If it is right next to window that gets a lot of sunlight it can cause this to happen. Also dry areas of the house such as directly under or in the path of air conditoners and heat pumps will dry out wood faster. Keeping them out of these areas will prolong the appearance for longer. If any drying out does occur you can apply some oil or wax to restore moisture to the plaque.

Designing your plaque

As you can see in the photos above, the same plaque can have a completely different look and feel depending on how it has been engraved or printed. We send artwork proof with all our plaques before we begin production, to ensure what you are giving will suit the recipient and your organisation. We have a qualified design team who will be able to guide you on the design and we are happy to make amendments to the design before we go to final print. From remembrance plaques through to service plaques, our team have a wealth of experience in all types of designs and will be able to create a plaque that suits your needs.