We are a family owned and operated business since 1986, now into it’s second generation. We strive to provide the best service to develop long term relationships, still working with some clients from day one.

Our goal is to help you recognise your top performers or those that have made important contributions. We do this by helping you select the best award for you and the recipient. Followed up by providing the best service in design, production, delivery and customer service.

We are an all inclusive recognition business, able to source or make a large range of awards, trophies and plaques. We employ the latest engraving and printing techniques to ensure the best quality.



Our account manager and customer service guy. Tim has been with the company from a young age helping the old man out, he now has a detailed knowledge of the industry. A fan of cricket and skateboarding, he completed a degree in computer science and postgraduate diploma in psychology.


Our production manager and graphic designer. Ben has also been with the company from a young age and has a detailed knowledge of trophy creation and design. He plays soccer and cricket and enjoys all things sports. He completed a Bachelor of Science in geography.


The Godfather of Xpress Awards. Freddie is mostly hands off these days giving him plenty of time for a round of golf. Our most experienced member he is still called upon for mentoring and advice.

What we are all about:
At Xpress Awards we strive to thoroughly satisfy our
customers by:
  • Delivering on our promises
  • Providing personalised service
  • Manufacturing products you are proud to own
  • Paying attention to finer details
Our Code of Conduct:
Xpress consistently high values
Personal service to you
Relationship building
Expertise offered to you
Solutions found for you
Satisfaction gained by you

Xpress Awards design and manufacture distinctive awards, plaques, trophies and signs.

Since 1986 Xpress Awards have specialised in the reproduction of lettering and images onto polished metals. We specialise in sublimation printing, screen printing, laser etching, engraving, computer cut lettering and metal casting are all part of our production process. Full colour awards and trophies at affordable prices.

We want to ensure that you receive what you desire so we have a process designed to make sure your needs are satisfied. We work through these steps with you to achieve a successful award production:

1. Formulate your idea
2. Discuss it with our design team
3. Select colour, size, quantity etc
4. Production of proof artwork
5. Acceptance of artwork
6. Production of awards
7. Delivery on time of awards
The Xpress Awards team enjoy a challenge, so let us solve your recognition & promotional problems. We cater for the big and the small, so for either your one-offs or 100’s give us a call.