Modern wall plaques in a range of designs and colours


Acrylic plaques have a modern clean look to them. They can be highly customisable in shape and size. We can incorporate your message with engraving or colour prints.

Popular uses for these include building opening plaques, service plaques, and milestone plaques.

With their larger area you can present your message in bigger text making them readable from a distance. It also makes them great for photographing with winners and dignitaries as they are easily seen.

Some of our previous work is presented below, we can also produce custom plaques to order. Send us a design if you have something in mind or give us a brief and our design team will come up with some ideas to work from.

Click the image or more button to see more details – This is only a small selection of our available designs. Please contact us if you are after other designs

Black Engraved Plaque
Approximately $180
Commemorative plaque – black acrylic
Approximately $120
Acrylic shield – custom
Contact us for pricing
Gold engraved plaque
Approximately $150 - $220
Silver plaque
Approximately $160 - $220
Gold plaque
Approximately $90 - $170
Rounded black acrylic plaque
Approximately $90 - $170
Clear acrylic plaque
Approximately $150 - $190
Custom plaque
Contact us for pricing
Clear printed plaque
Approximately $160 - $190
Black acrylic plaque
Approximately $80 - $180
Black and clear acrylic plaque
Approximately $130 - $195
Aluminium plaque
Approximately $140 - $195
Framed custom plaque
Contact us for pricing
Mirror plaque
Approximately $130 - $180

Looking for something else?

If you would like some other options, have a design in mind or would like to design a custom plaque, please contact us and we will be able to help.

The plaque design process

We have qualified graphic designers who can create designs to suit any occasion. From service awards, building openings, business partnerships and other milestones. The fonts used as well as imagery and layout can change the look and feel of the plaque making it more suited to your application. We provide artwork proofs for you to double check to ensure things are exactly how you like them.

Custom plaques go through the same process, however in this case the materials used, colours, shapes and sizes all come into play. Again our design team will work closely with you to determine the type of look you are wanting to achieve. By looking at previous work we have done and with artwork proofs we can ensure to create a design you will love.

How to choose a plaque

Choosing a material to go with what you are presenting it for makes the plaque a bit more special. Remember it is the recipient who is the most important person that has to like the design. So keep their personal preferences in mind when choosing something. Also choosing a design that matches branding, or a product you sell, or your sport discipline shows the winner that you really thought about making it unique for them.

Our acrylic plaques are highly customisable, so you can really make the recipient feel special by incorporating the above ideas. If you have some ideas in mind let us know and we can make some suggestions about what materials, shapes and colours to use. Or if you’re stuck for ideas let us know and we can send through previous designs we have made for similar occasions.

Plaque wording

Plaque wording can cause some writers block for people. Often the best way is KISS (Keep It Simple Stu*#d). Start by putting the most important details down first. What is this for, who is it for, where is it, when is it? Once you have the key details down you can start thinking about finer details, such as adding signatures, quotes and other messages.

From an aesthetic point of view, a clean wording layout also makes the plaque more readable. For example:

Presented to, Joe Blogs by Acme Co. for 20 Years Service, 2018. This is a simple plaque wording that has all the important information. After you have this down you can start to think about adding more details in. Things like messages, “We thank you for your years of dedicated service”, signatures of the directors, or design elements like photographs. It’s always a great idea to run this past a colleague next to get another perspective. We can then create a proof of the actual layout giving a really good place to work from to add or remove details.