Create something special with a custom trophy


We are specialists in creating custom awards, plaques and trophies. Using a wide range of manufacturing processes we can create an award to your specifications or supply some ideas from a design brief.

A big concern with custom designs is you really don’t know how it is going to look until it is mostly completed. We have been making custom trophies and plaques for many years and have a good knowledge of how different designs will come out. We have a database of previous custom trophies we have made to draw knowledge from as well as pictures to show you how different styles will come together in the end. Our design team will be able to guide you on what materials, sizes, colours, shapes and manufacturing processes will be best suited for the look you are trying to achieve.

A few of our previous projects are presented below. We enjoy working on new and interesting designs so if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Custom trophies acrylic
Custom acrylic trophy

Our client had a specific idea in mind which we matched with suitable materials to achieve the look. Laser cut clear acrylic on a rimu and painted base. Colour title plate to display the logo and text. The profile creates an eye catching effect which matches their logo.

Custom trophy StPierres
Custom hut trophy

The client wanted a trophy that represented their brand and would look great in stores. We presented a few design options and the end result was made from clear acrylic with a brass stand. The title plate has a good area to display the content and easily read when displayed in store.

Laser cut acrylic trophy
Shaped custom trophy

Rather than making the whole trophy to the shape of the logo we incorporated the profile onto the top of the award. Allowing it to maintain a traditional tower award look. The logo was applied with a colour print and the text laser engraved.

Custom cast trophy
Bespoke cast metal award

Our client wanted their logo represented in a trophy. It also had to be heavy and solid to represent their brand and products. We cast it in solid metal, polished and plated. Custom orange base to match branding with a gold engravers plate. Metal trophies have a stunning look to them and a weight in hand that oozes quality

Custom granite trophy
Custom granite trophy

The agency had a specific design in mind which we matched with suitable materials. A granite block with digital print on the front combined with the clear frosted corner block to represent a beacon.

Hashtag trophy
Bespoke hashtag trophy

We created a hashtag out of clear acrylic and coloured gold to represent this social media trophy. Set on a black base and printed title plate. We can produce almost any shape and colour with this method.

Custom trophy stand
Custom trophy stand

Looking to incorporate their product into a trophy design, we created some custom mounts to hold bricks in an eye catching arrangement. Combined with brushed silver title plates to finish off the industrial design.

Custom made trophy
Custom mounted award

For a fun radio competition we used a microphone and mounted it onto an appropriate sized base to create a unique trophy. This is a good alternative to custom casting or fabrication for one off or small quantities.

Cast aluminium award

Custom cast aluminium tower. From the top the profile is the shape of the clients logo. A master prototype was made which was then used to create a sand mold for aluminium to be poured into. After finishing and polishing the details were engraved into the metal.

Profile cut acrylic trophies

Some distinctive shapes made for some eye catching awards. Made from acrylic with wood bases and title plates. These were for a creative agency to encourage new ideas.

Bespoke blue acrylic award

Cut to match the company emblem and engraved with white detailing. Mounted on a clear base with a title plate. These not only represented the brand but made for a unique looking award to recognise their high achievers.

NZ Rimu and paua trophy

An all New Zealand design made from local materials. A nice natural looking design in a modern shape. The front has been engraved with logos and text which blend in with the natural grain of the wood.

Processes used in producing custom trophies

Semi customised awards

The most common method we use for custom awards is to take a pre-made trophy and customise it to suit. Something as simple as a great engraving design can really make your trophy look eye catching and unique. The main advantage of this is that it greatly reduces the setup costs involved with other methods, while still maintaining a custom look that shows the trophy was made specifically for an event.

Examples include making a logo badge to attach to the face of an award. Adding colour or colouring a whole award to match company branding. Taking a premade item that a company produces and mounting this on a plinth with a winner’s plate.

Due to the large range of pre-made awards we can source, this is often the go to option. Awards already exist in many shapes such as stars, flames, circles, etc. that will align with company logos or branding already. Some custom engraving and adding some colour can make it look like a completely bespoke trophy, special to your event.

Laser or router cut acrylic trophies

Acrylic is a great material to work with, it can be cut and shaped easily as well as customised in colour. It comes in varying thickness from 3mm to 40mm thick giving a wide range of sizes to fit any budget.

We cut acrylic by router or laser and the setup costs are suitable for smaller runs. The most popular design is to shape the acrylic to a logo or crest. Once this is done we can either engrave the acrylic directly or mount it onto a base with a winner’s plate.

Cast resin trophies

Achieving a true 3D trophy requires casting rather than cutting. This process requires a master model to be created, this is either sculpted by hand, 3D printed or machined by a computer controlled mill. Once the master has been made a negative mold is created which will be used to pour the material into.

Resin is a great material due to the many colours possible, it also has a good weight in hand and casts to a smooth finish. It can be either a solid opaque colour or a semi-transparent tinted colour.

Cast metal trophies

This is the style of trophy used for events such as the Oscars, Grammies and Golden globes. Like cast resin, a master model must be created first. This is then used to create negatives in sand which the metal is poured into. Once the metal cools it must then go through a process of clean up and polishing.  Some awards receive another plating such as gold or nickel to achieve a shinier finish. This method is a long and expensive process but the results are always stunning.

Sustainable trophies, recyclable trophies and eco-friendly trophies

We can also produce trophies out of wood and stone. Acrylic, metal and glass are also recyclable materials so are also suitable for environmentally friendly awards.

Recyclable and eco friendly trophies can be made with any of the above materials. We can combine and shape different materials to create an attractive looking design.

Fully sustainable trophies can be more challenging to make and simple designs are the easiest. Colour elements and multiple materials require inks, glues and solvents which are not sustainable so place limits on what we can create. Please contact the team and we can work through the process with you about what is achievable.

All of our standard glass and acrylic trophies are recyclable materials but they can not go in the blue recycling bins as they require specialist processes. If you want to recycle any trophies please contact us to arrange this for you.

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