Most jobs involve two processes, the trophy or plaque itself and then the personalisation. Ordering the stock will generally take 5-10 workings days depending on the supplier. Engraving and personalisation will take another 5-10 working days depending on the size of the job. During this time the graphic designs, proofs and approval must also be completed.

We can cater to urgent requests, however the options possible will be greatly reduced.

Custom trophies and plaques

Custom trophy turnaround times will vary greatly depending on the design. The process of design and approval can also add a lot of time so be sure to get in early.

Standard or semi-custom trophies and plaques

Due to the very large range of trophy and plaque designs, we do not hold stock for every item. Except for very small orders we will generally be ordering in stock for your order. We source trophies from around the world as well as in New Zealand, so lead times will vary. For the majority it will be 1-2 weeks time.


Engraving turnaround times can vary greatly depending on the shape of the item and what it is made of. Flat items are the easiest to engrave. Curved and shaped items require work holding vices or custom mounts, so it is held securely in the machine during engraving. For most items we can engrave them within 10 working days. Engraving is charged by the time taken to do the work, including artwork and setup of the item.


The best artwork for engraving is vector files. Engraving machines have to follow a path to engrave, which is the format vector files are in. These are commonly stored in .EPS, .AI or .PDF files.

Jpegs, pngs, gifs and other formats are stored as a series of pixels or dots. We can convert these to be used for engraving but it does require extra setup time. Higher resolution files will work best, try and aim for at least 300dpi. For printing we can use any file formats, the better resolution the file the better it will print.


We have a large number of fonts and can make suggestions about what will work best for your particular application.

If you have company fonts then we can also use these if they are supplied in a .OTF or .TTF file.

If you would like to choose your own then you can also visit this site for options Google Fonts. For free fonts we will not charge you to use them.


We can deliver to all parts of New Zealand and the rest of the world for speical requests.

Delivery to Auckland and the North Island is by Courierpost on an overnight service. South Island is 2-4 working days.

For Auckland we can also do a same day courier. Pickup is also available from our trophy shop in Central Auckland.

Trophy maintenance

For all glass and acrylic awards a foaming window cleaning product and a soft cloth will be enough for cleaning. For wood awards cleaners such as Pledge or wood specific cleaners from the supermarket will suffice. For metal cups and trophies a non-abrasive cleaner is best, Silvo is an easily available product that will work well.

Any awards with colour on them will involve inks and pigments. These will deteriorate slowly if exposed to direct UV light over time. Be sure to display these types of awards and plaques away from direct sunlight.

While some designs will be very robust, trophies and plaques are designed to stand on a shelf, desk or wall. If they are dropped then they can sustain damage. If your award will be passed or shipped around a lot we can offer the most durable materials but cannot guarantee them against breakage.