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Trophies & Awards

We specialise in creating precision crafted trophies for any event or occasion. From birthdays, anniversaries & sports competitions to corporate events & industry awards. Have a browse through some of the trophy designs we have created for our customers below, or come into our shop and one of our team will help you out.

Call us at 09 377 5705 or come into our trophy shop.

Oamaru stone trophy
1t - Sculptured Oamaru stone trophy with colour printed title plate.
Red acrylic trophy
2t - Colour printed plate combined with a peaked acrylic.
Custom acrylic trophy
3t - Custom designed trophy to match company brand.

Granite trophy
4t - Solid granite gives weight and substance to trophies and awards.
Figurines on black base
5t - Classic victory figurine trophies on black wood bases.
Nickel cup with engraving
6t - We have a large range of cups and sizes available.

Infinity stone award
7t - Infinity sculpture trophy carved from stone.
Stone art award
8t - Unique Oamaru stone trophy.
Quartz stone trophy
9t - Precious stone mounted on rimu. A nice gift for the mantle piece.

Perpsex trophy, laser engraved
10t - Multi-faceted acrylic trophy with back and front engraving.
Coloured acrylic
11t - We can produce different sized and coloured acrylic trophies to fit your event.
New Zealand Koru

12t - Korus are a symbol of growth, development and new beginnings. We can produce trophies and awards in different shapes and sizes.

Personalised art award
13t - We can make trophies and awards to fit any event.
blue acrylic peaks
14t - Miniature trophies are great for large quantities, especially sports and corporate events.
Polished aluminium block with blue acrylic
15t - A strong solid design - blue acrylic block with polished aluminium base.

Pottery frond gift
16t - Sculptured ceramic on a rimu base. We have a range of ceramic designs and colours.
Acrylic sales trophy
17t - Very classy double faced acrylic swirl design.
Company achievement plaque

18t - A corporate look with a bit of flare. Laser engraved glass on a granite base and coloured badge.

Artglass with title plate
19t - Art glass mounted on a subtle base.
New Zealand fronds
20t - Tall and elegant sculptured fern award trophies on aluminium bases.
Affordable miniature plaques
21t - These self standing plaques are very affordable and customisable with laser engraving.

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