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Plaque Designs

We have a range of materials to use our plaque designs. Different shapes and colour can all be used. Standard sized plaques and designs are also available. Pop into our shop, send us an email or call us at 09 377 5705. Our team will work with you to find a design that meets your requirements and budget.

Custom Mazda plaque
22p - Shape and artwork tailored to match corporate brand.
Custom kiwi L-stand
23p - Acrylic self standing plaque cut to fit event theme.
Unique plaque design
24p - Tyre clock mounted onto a rimu plaque with a colour title plate.

Basic design
25p - A great looking plaque can be achieved simply with good artwork and colour.
Gift plaque
26p - Combination of laser engraving and photograph printed onto a metal plate.
Custom fern plaque
27p - Silver fern inlay with laser engraved text and logo.

Black back with gold plate
28p - Self standing plaque.
Custom shaped rimu plaque
29p - We can create personalised gift plaques using a range of materials.
Custom made award plaque
30p - We can think outside the square to create original plaque & trophy designs.

Colour plaque

31p - We can use colour in all our designs. It is used here to create a vibrant looking plaque.

Star award plaque
32p - Corporate recognition design to reward high achievers. We specialise in designs to match organisation branding and culture.
Framed jandals
33p - Custom frame . A sharp design stands out from the bunch. Any items can be framed for presentation.

Charity trophy plaque
34p - Rimu honours board plaque with silver vinyl names.
Honours board plaque
35p - Honours board with space for progressive year's names. We can make room for any number of years.
Framed certificate
36p - Framed and mounted certificate.

Acrylic and rimu plaque
37p - Multilayered plaque with glass like look.
ANZ corporate plaque
38p - Blue tint plaque on a rimu easel.
Mahogany wall plaque
39p - Send us your text and logos, we will create an attractively designed plaque.

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