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Plaques - example Designs

Our plaques are fully customisable in size, shape & design. We can use a range of vibrant full colour images & materials. Our team of qualified graphic designers can create artwork that really capture what you want to embody in your plaque. Service plaques, honours boards and corporate plaques are our specialty
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Rimu plaque - laser engraved
1p - Custom fabricated flags on laser engraved NZ Rimu plaque.
Framed colour plaque design
2p - Framed wall plaque. A great way to present nostalgia and mementos.
Honours board plaques
3p - Classy honours board plaque- a great way to recognize & remember group or individual achievements.

Annual honours board
4p - We can add a little kick to your plaque to make it stand out from the crowd.
Rimu plaque with curved plate
5p - The Paua shell insert adds extra style to the printed metal plaque, mounted on rimu.
Corporate plaques
6p - Acrylic L-stand trophies, available in various colours, we can print anything onto metal title plates.

Mahogany plaque
7p - Dark mahogany gives this plaque a touch of class. Any text and logos can be printed on the title plate
Walnut plaque
8p - We can design plaques to fit any occasion. Any items can be mounted for presentation.
Large recognition plaque
9p. 3-D curved front plate, printed in full colour & mounted on a solid rimu plaque board.

Golfing award plaque
10p - Self standing plaques, great for the desk or mantelpiece.
Maori plaques
11p - We can mount almost anything to be displayed or presented. The laser engraving complements the artifacts.
Acrylic plaque - Aluminium plate

12p - Simple and elegant plaque. Silver printed plate on a black backing.

Custom plaque with laser engraving
13p - Laser engraved rimu wood gives a natural appearance. Logos and images can be incorporated in the design.
Curved corporate plaque
14p - Give your plaque some extra dimension with our 3D design. Logos and text can be printed in full colour.
Rimu honours board plaque
15p - Honours boards are a great way to preserve history and add tradition to your event.

Black and silver award plaque
16p - Our graphic design team can bring life to your plaque.
laser engraved wall plaque
17p - A contemporary design. Acrylic on black wood plaque with steel screw mounts.
Framed wall plaque

18p - Classic frame design with a printed aluminium plaque.

Stainless steel plaque
19p - Stainless steel back with aluminum front and full colour print.
Blue tint plaque
20p - Blue tint backing to match company branding with silver front.
Laser engraved plaque
21p - Stainless steel plaque with laser engraving. Suitable for outdoors. shield.

Mounted wall plaque
22p - We can mount items on plaques to make them more attractive and easier to display.
Colour print wall plaque
23p - The green tint backing complements the company brand and values on this plaque.
Annual honours board
24p - Laser engraved rimu honours board with a custom shaped and printed shield.

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