Premium golf trophies with engraving


Glass trophies have a high quality look and feel. They catch the light beautifully and are suitable for a range of uses. The most popular application is for corporate or business awards including sales trophies, service trophies and service awards. We also use them as thank you keepsakes for people that have contributed to sports clubs, industry associations, and clubs. They will look great in the home on the mantle piece, as well as on office desks or front counters.

Glass will hold it’s clear finish forever and laser engraving creates a permanent mark, making these trophies valuable keepsakes that recipients can keep for a lifetime and then some. Creating a lasting reminder of their achievement across generations, or company milestones for years to come.

We can source a large number of different glass trophies and can also create custom designs. Some of our more popular designs are presented below.

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Looking for something else?

If you would like some other options, have a design in mind or would like to design a custom piece, please contact us and we will be able to help.

Why choose glass trophies?

Glass has a natural beauty to it which makes it a popular trophy material. Most designs feature bevels cut into the edges which create a dazzling effect from reflecting light. It’s clear finish makes it look great in the the home, office or club as it blends in with any background.

Glass trophies will not break down or deteriorate over time. Meaning they are great for remembering special occasions for years to come. They are also easily maintained, use of household or even industrial cleaners will not react with glass so even touch marks can be removed without damaging the trophy. Moisture and liquids will also have no effect on glass, an advantage over metal, wood and some other materials which require more care to maintain.

Being recyclable, glass is also an eco-friendly trophy material. Not all glass can be put into the household recycling bin. So if you are looking for an eco-friendly trophy please contact us first to see which will suit your needs or how to go about recycling non common glass types.

How are glass trophies made?

The main ingredient in glass is silicon dioxide (common sand) which is heated to high temperature and combined with other elements before being poured or shaped into shapes. Once it cools it creates a solid transparent material.

The majority of trophies are hand cut from glass sheets. Once they have been cut to shape any bevels or design features are then ground into the glass. After this process the glass must then be polished to return it to a clear shiny finish.

There are several types of glass, the most common being annealed glass. This is what is typically used in household windows, sometimes going through a toughening process or lamination before going into homes. Our trophies that have a slight green tint to them are made from annealed glass.

The majority of our glass trophies are made from super clear glass. As the name suggests this has a more clear appearance. This is due to the iron content. With regular glass it creates the slight green tinge but with super clear glass the iron content is greatly reduced.

Generally the annealed or super clear glass is suitable for trophies, on occasion we will use toughened glass. This type will break into very small pieces if it gets broken. The advantage of this is safety, normal glass will break into shards which can be a hazard. We usually only use this for larger custom glass trophies or for plaques and honours boards which are not only bigger but more prone to being broken as there are exposed on the wall.