Custom acrylic trophy sandwich

Average pricing $200
Custom logo trophy
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Fully customisable in shape, size and colour. We can logos or anything you can think of, we have done cookies, cellphones, boats, the sky is the limit.

Our team will work with you to design the award. If you can provide a brief or sketch it will assist in creating the design quickly.

These are generally best for orders above 2 due to the setup and design costs. But if you want a special one off it is possible to do.

Generally simple shapes will work best with this design, more complex shapes are difficult to cut or may not be very recognisable when converted to a trophy. We have a lot of experience creating custom trophies so can offer advice on what will work with your idea. There are other custom made trophies that may be suitable for your application.

Please use the contact us form or email the address at the bottom of page to get started.

Also visit our custom trophies page for more ideas.