Engrave Branding

Laser Engraving

We can laser engrave into most materials & can also print in full colour onto a range of substrates. We can personalise gifts such as ipods & photo frames as well as providing corporate branding, identification or indoor or outdoor signs.
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Laser engraved wine glasses
1e. We can laser engrave almost any material
Cast bronze plaque
2e. Cast bronze plaques are perfect for outdoors
Diamond engraved cup
3e. Logo engraved into metal

Laser engraved rimu
4e. Laser engraving on wood results in a beautiful finish
Laser cut and engraved medal
5e. Laser engraving onto acrylic produces a smooth frosted finish
Engraved photo album
6e. Laser engraved photo album. We can personalise gifts for special occasions

Branded helicopter
7e. We can imprint your brand or logo in colour onto different objects
Beer tankard with laser engraving
8e. Glasses make practical gifts that look great laser engraved
Paua inlay plaque
9e.This plaque has an attractive Paua inlay inserted with laser engraving.

Laser mark with chemical etching
10e. Laser marked stainless steel shovel
Branded promotional torch
11e. We can engrave your brand or messages onto gifts
12e. Aluminium name badge. Can be customised with artwork shape and colour

Resined namebadge
13e. Screen printed badge with a resin clear coat finish
Laser engraved kiwi trophy
14e. Any images and logos can be printed or laser engraved onto most surfaces
Resined logo badge
15e. Custom logo printed on metal and finished with a resin coating.