client creations

Custom designed trophies

Made to reflect the brand, culture and values of your organisation

If you have an idea for a design we can bring it to life. Come into our shop to see some examples or send us an email with a description. We are specialists in custom designed trophies.

Give us a call with your ideas at  09 377 5705

Meccano manager's award.
22c - We can create a trophy to match your brand.
Optical crystal trophies.
23c - Laser engraved crystal wedge towers with cast figures.
Custom mounted DVD trophy.
24c - Custom made design, we can turn any item into a trophy.

Glass laser engraved trophy.
25c - Customised trophy with cast logo.
Wooden trophy
26c - Custom mounted wood plaque for power cable.
Wine award
27c - We can turn your product into a great looking trophy for presentations and events.

Custom trpohy award
28c - Custom fabricated trophy made from wood and acrylic with laser engraving.
Acrylic disc trophies.
29c - Construction materials made into trophies with laser engraving and title plaques.
Plumbling industry recognition.
30c - Eye catching design. Made with acrylic, Rimu and laser engraving.

Gold guitar on rimu.
31c - Guitar with rimu base and title plaque.
Spirit of Adventure plaque.
32c - We can mount memorabilia for presentation as plaques or trophies.
Horse's rear award
33c - We can create solutions for any occasion.

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