client creations

Unique awards & trophies

Designed to capture the theme of your event

We can create an award or trophy to compliment your company logo & values. All these examples are ACTUAL items manufactured for our loyal and valued customers.

Give us a call with your ideas at  09 377 5705, or come into our shop and one of our designers will help you choose a design.

optical crystal award
1c - Simple & elegant crystal wedge trophy, laser engraved with a silhouette design. Crystal designs have a good weight and finish.
Rimu wood trophy
2c - Laser engraved wood trophy with paua strip to give it a bit of local flavour. Our wood is sourced from sustainable forests.
Gumboot trophy
3c -Eye catching design with laser engraved wood base. Gumboot mounted for the comedy festival.

Customised acrylic award
4c -Fabricated acrylic trophy with laser engraved text. Produced for a rock band competition.
Mounted utensils
5c - Everyday objects turned into fun and appealing trophies and awards.
Glass trophy
6c - Glass top with screenprint and sandblast .

Audi tower acrylic trophy
7c - Constructed to match corporate brand and signage.
3mm acrylic cutout
8c - Elegant abstract Interflora trophy with world crystal ball. Produced to mimic the shape of a flower.
Kiwi trophy
9c - Kiwiana flavour trophy, great for national or worldwide events.

Laser engraved paperweights
10c - Corporate paperweight, custom shaped and laser engraved.
Plaque trophy
11c - Use your imagination to create a special trophy with relevance to the presenter and recipient.
Acrylic Jigsaw trophy
12c - Jigsaw design; acrylic and wood pieced together and laser engraved.

Golden apple on rimu base
13c - A fun and classy look. Gold coated teachers apple on a Rimu plinth.
Faceted acrylic award
14c - Smart and stylish trophy, a great corporate recognition solution.
Tegel swirl trophy
15c - Curved and beveled acrylic with creative laser engraving. Any shapes can be cut out of acrylic.

Fridge shaped design
16c - Aluminium shaped to a fridge with text and images imprinted.
Car mounted on jar
17c - Turn anything into a great looking trophy for that social club event.
Acrylic plaque
18c - Colour printed plaque. We can print full colour directly onto most surfaces.

Kinfe in stone
19c - Oamaru stone holster trophy for Butcher of the year.
ANZ monthly award
20c - Customised recognition solution for ongoing corporate programs & events.
Hairdresser's scissor trophy
21c - Custom mounted scissors. We can cater for the complexity of any event with our proven craftsmanship.

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